Nice to meet you!  

If you got all the way here it means you either: 

a.) love animals 

b.) are a pet owner 

c.) you enjoy good food 

d.) you love cooking good food 

e.) you want to travel and go out with your 4-legged companion 

f.) all of the above options!  

The reason why I have decided to start this blog was to share my experiences of going out and taking around my dog. I write about and review restaurants, bars and places which admit animals in Spain, but also abroad, all over Europe and world, whenever Frida travels with me (16 at the moment and still counting). And last but not least, I cook and photograph a lot and share my favourite recipes adjusted to a busy pet owner schedule, which fit in between long walks.   

Why getting a pet? Well, some people get babies, some new cars, others go on a trip around the world – and I got a dog (and hey, it doesn’t mean I won’t be getting the other ones at some point too!). And it was probably one of the best decisions in my life (and trust me I have made a lot of terrible ones too) since Frida is an amazing companion! There’s no one else in the whole entire world who would be so excited to see you every single time when you get back home, even if you are gone just for 3 minutes to buy milk in the convenience store. This is PURE love. Let me repeat – PURE love. Dog is never angry at you, never argues and never leaves dirty socks right next to your bed 😉 

When I told my parents and friends that I was getting a dog they advised me to get a cactus instead. They claimed it was the biggest mistake of my life since I keep travelling all the time, go to parties, I’m never at home, frequently eat out, managed to kill all my plants at home and finally can’t take care of my own self, so where could I see a little vulnerable, innocent animal potentially fit into all that?   

Well, I could. Since I didn’t want to sacrifice any of the above I’ve decided to get a small dog I could easily keep in the apartment (side note I don’t live in the castle as of now) and I could travel with (you can fly in the cabin with small pets). 

Frida is 6kg of pure love and cuteness and therefore I can easily take her on the plane with me, put her in my bicycle crate when I commute around Barcelona and also bring her to most of the places I go to (most but not all).  

Thus, if you are a happy owner of a 4-legged companion (dog, cat, guinea pig or perhaps a racoon) and your heart is bleeding every time you leave the house without it, those days are over!!! Follow my blog and find out where you can go together and spend some good quality time with your pet and never be hungry if you decide to stay at home 🙂